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Currently mirrored:

 CPAN                     CPAN PERL modules archive                           (1.0 TiB)
 centos                   CentOS archive                                      (1.1 TiB)
 debian-backports         The Debian Backports archive                      (741.0 GiB)
 debian-cd                The Debian CD archive                             (911.0 GiB)
 debian-mozilla           Unofficial mirror of mozilla.debian.net           (911.0 GiB)
 debian-multimedia        Christian Marillat's Debian Multimedia Archive    (860.0 GiB)
 debian-security          Debian Security Updates                           (954.0 GiB)
 debian                   The Debian archive                                  (2.2 TiB)
 epel                     Fedora EPEL archive                               (980.0 GiB)
 grml                     GRML Linux Live-CD Releases                         (1.0 TiB)
 knoppix-dvd              KNOPPIX Linux Live-DVD Releases                  (1017.0 GiB)
 knoppix                  KNOPPIX Linux Live-CD Releases                   (1006.0 GiB)
 opensuse                 OpenSuSE archive                                    (2.1 TiB)
 opensuse-buildservice    OpenSuSE Buildservice archive                       (3.6 TiB)
 scientificlinux          ScientficLinux archive                              (3.2 TiB)
 siduction                Siduction Linux archive                             (1.1 TiB)
 slitaz                   SliTaz mini Linux archive                           (1.1 TiB)
 ubuntu-cdimage           Ubuntu CD/DVD Images Archive                     (1009.0 GiB)
 ubuntu-releases          Ubuntu Releases Archive                           (909.0 GiB)
 ubuntu                   The Ubuntu archive                                  (1.9 TiB)

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 ftp                      Overall ftp.uni-stuttgart.de diskspace used        (10.0 TiB)

        If you're missing any important mirror or see unexplained inconsistency
        please do not hesitate to contact us at ftpmaster@ftp.uni-stuttgart.de.